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For your protection, Roger Hall of is CERTIFIED by SQUARETRADE as meeting HIGH CLIENT SERVICE STANDARDS. Less than 3% of Google AdWords service companies offer you this important protection. I'm committed to resolving any client service issues, BEFORE they turn into negative feedback. To see how you are protected, click here

Roger Hall is certified by Google as an AdWords Professional PROVE IT


Dear Web Business Builder,

Here at, you, my friend, are a genuine hero.

As an existing or prospective Google advertiser, you're at the leading-edge of online marketing. Business folks like you are the single most powerful engines of any healthy, growing economy.

The Google AdWords world can be a maze; confusing, cutthroat and frustrating. Throwing some ad text together and bidding on hundreds of keywords doesn't work any more.

To Survive You're Going to Have to Sharpen Your Pencil

Developing ads that'll beat your competition takes a lot of time, effort and testing.

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What's more, special proprietary knowledge can be required to go up against the big advertisers in today's ultra-competitive Google PPC bidding market. Most small-to-medium size advertisers go into Google AdWord unprepared, and end up beating their head against the AdWords system.

The Result? They Suffer Humiliating Losses

Then they quit, swearing that Google AdWords is a waste of time. Don't be one of those that never discover the proper ways to use Google to your own advantage.

I can help. As a certified Google AdWords Professional, freelance copywriter and fellow business person, I've helped a number of Google advertisers, just like you, become significantly more effective.

But There's a Dirty Little Secret Today in the World of Google Pay-Per-Click, that Nobody Likes to Talk About

You see, getting people to the Landing Page on your site after they've clicked on your Google ad is actually the easy part. The challenge is to make your landing page effective. To get that sale, or whatever other action you desire from your prospect, you need a solid bridge between the click...and the result you ultimately wish to achieve.

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Together With You, I Build That Bridge

Let me boost the performance of your Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and landing page of your website, while saving you money! Or, I can create completely new campaigns for you.

It means that within your first 30 days, the tailored recommendations you receive from me for a one-time charge will pay for themselves. If you are happy with your current ad position, but wish to pay less per click, the advice will enable you to reduce your costs per click. Sometimes by up to 50%.

What's more, to date in 2008 most clients have experienced an increase in profitability, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) (meaning more effective ads) and most importantly, CONVERSIONS of at least 30%.

And now available to you. How is this possible?

In a word; research. Each step of work I take is painstakingly designed to overdeliver for you: To bring you the greatest quantity and quality of proven ad response-boosting tips, tricks and techniques available - at any price.

You benefit from my experience in optimizing Google PPC ads for a number of products and services. I do it every day. Through field-tested experience, I've learned what it takes to improve your effectiveness. Put me to work for you. And reduce the cost of your Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Through research and intensive training, I possess exclusive, proven Google Adwords techniques and copywriting skills that get you the results you want.

Once you tell me to start; using proven resources, I'll rapidly and thoroughly develop a tailored solution for you. The first customized improvements to your existing Adwords campaign can be sent to you within hours by email. And they'll take only minutes to implement. Often, you'll see immediate results which last a lifetime. Inexpensive and effective.

Packages start at $987. For a FREE, quick evaluation and to see how I can help you, please take 2 minutes to send me a short email now.

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Best wishes for (always!) better response,

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To avoid conflict of interest, I only accept one client per product or service category, and go all-out for you in that category. So put me to work...before your competitors do.

For a FREE, quick evaluation and to see how I can help you, please take 2 minutes to send me a short email.

Contact Roger Hall at BetterClix for a FREE evaluation now. Simply enter your details in the simple form at the bottom of this page here and click Send. We will get back to you ASAP.


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